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Our technology is based on previous development at a latvian special design bureau of magnetohydrodynamics (SDB MHD) led by the inventor Boris Ukraincev. The major R&D direction of SDB MHD were MHD pumps for military and space agency of Soviet Union related with nuclear technologies. But during 80ties was decided to let some of military technologies to be applied in civil economics. B. Ukraincev led a R&D team of more than 120 people that was working exclusively on this project for more than one and half years and made many hundreds of experiments. R&D was focusing on application of possibilities of magneto hydrodynamics (MHD) pumps and a creating a cheaper hot dip coating of big construction steel items. As 2nd focus was use of not only zinc but also aluminium as a coating material. The estimate of R&D expenses is at least €10.5M. There was created a working prototype and coated 5000 tons of steel angles but the project was stopped by the collapses of USSR. The inventor inherited the invention, and in 2008 passed over it to his son Oleg Pospelov and later on they together improved the technology.

Prior to 2011, the project was in constant search of investment. The fundamental difficulty in attracting investment was in disbelief of potential investors to the project in the absence of visual demonstration of the technical feasibility of the project. 

By now we have found an investment to build a demonstration model. In August the  demonstration model  was made. Experiments on the retention of the liquid metal in the dual-channel models have been successfully completed in September of 2013. 

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Research is carried out with grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation

Mahydy signed an agreement on $ 50 K pre-seed soft loan with Imprimatur Capital. 



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